Liebherr CS2062: The Flexible French Door Fridge

Written by Appliance Dude on 07.02.15

I keep getting asked questions about the Liebherr CS-2062 French door refrigerator. Interest has definitely spiked on this piece and I think it's because Liebherr is doing a great job convincing the influencers (designers, high-volume appliance showrooms) that there is great value in the fridge, plus it seems to be gaining some positive steam on blogs and forums.

The cool thing about the CS2062 refrigerator is that it provides great flexibility and value considering what it brings to the table and what the price point is. First, it's flexible - it can be used as a freestanding piece, or you can push it into a cabinet and achieve a built-in design (make sure to check the roughs on the CS2062 so you have the correct cabinet dimensions).

What else does it boast? How about two compressors (this has been one of SubZero's calling cards for years) which allows the air in the fridge to stay in the fridge and likewise for the freezer. End result: your ice cream or ice cubes don't taste like last night's leftover herb-crusted sea bass.
The CS2062 is also Energy Star certified and boasts LED lighting which consumes less electricity than halogen lamps plus it looks cooler.

However what I really dig is the design flexibility. I just did a kitchen in NYC where the CS2062 was used in a freestanding application with only one side adjoined to cabinetry. I also recently did a kitchen in Scarsdale where I was instructed to come up with a built-in French door solution for a price that wouldn't make them faint. At $4999 (contractor pricing) the CS2062 can't be beat when you consider the lack of built-in French door fridges (SubZero doesn't offer one) and the higher price tag on the Thermador Freedom built-in model. Two months after delivery and my Scarsdale customers LOVE IT!

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