2018 Jenn Air Appliance Package Review

Written by Appliance Dude on 01.01.18

Jenn-Air Appliance Packages Near Me

The new year is freshly minted and we have a bunch of new Jenn AIr appliance packages to present to everyone. I was literally sent about 10-15 potential packages with tremendous savings, so instead of presenting them all together which would be the equivalent of knocking the consumer over the head with a Jenn-Air info hammer, we'll create several posts so as to disseminate the info in a clean fashion.

Jenn-Air 30" Range + Micro Package

Maybe you don't need a full-blown kitchen renovation but just need a strong "TWEAK". This mini-package will deliver the goods as it includes a professional Jenn-Air gas range JGRP430WP ($3999) along with a Jenn-Air micro/hood combination unit. ($799). So it's almost as if you are getting 3 products in one. Since the range is from the Jenn-Air professional appliance series, the Jenn-Air Compliments program is triggered so you immediately receive $1300 off the top of the invoice. So the package now costs $3498 before tax! Is this a deal? Take a look at other comparable high end 30" pro gas ranges and they are typically in the $4500-$4700 range. Home run.

Jenn-Air 30" range + Dishwasher + 36" Counter Depth Fridge + Micro Hood

This is an extremely popular package that can play anywhere from a suburban home with a larger kitchen to an urban apartment. Once again we leverage the Jenn-Air 30" pro range JGRP430WP along with Jenn-Air's over the range micro. We now team it with the Jenn-Air dishwasher JDTSS244GP (($1299) and the ever-popular JFC2089BEP 36" counter depth fridge ($2399). Remember, Jenn-Air dishwashers are KitchenAid dw's, just with a dose of steroids! We firmly believe that KitchenAid makes the best American-built dishwasher, so a Jenn-Air is nothing short of best of breed in the category.

This package totals $7196 after the instant $1300 deduction. Again, please tell me where you are finding a 4-piece suite of American-bu,ilt pro appliances, with 2-year warranties, for around $7000?

We have many more 2018 Jenn-Air appliance packages to show you. Keep reading as we lay them all out for you in the coming weeks. If there are any questions about Jenn-Air appliances call Curto's at 914-793-5600 or email me.

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