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2019 DCS Grill Price Increase - Coming Soon!

Written by Appliance Dude on 01.20.19

In early 2018 I created several blog and video posts about the insane price drop that DCS grills was passing along to customers. In some cases they were plummeting by over $1000. That made the DCS 36" BH13RN grill and it's 48" counterpart the DCS BH148R the best deals in the premium grill space. And that my friends was the BOTTOM LINE. There was no way any other premium grill could touch these models at these lowered prices, and that lead to a nice surge in DCS outdoor business last year.

But that was then and this is now....

2019 Price Increase on the way

We have seen MASSIVE price increases from every other premium and non-premium yet legit grill manufacturer since the tariff war with China started. In some cases (like Lynx and Blaze) we have seen increases bordering if not going over 20%.

DCS has stayed quiet through the late Summer, Fall and early Winter, but the times they are a changin'. I have it on good and dependable word that the DCS Series 7 Heritage grills, ie, the BH136R and the BH148, will be going back to their pre-price drop numbers. So this is what it is supposed to look like:


BH136R 36" Grill Head - NOW $2999, FEB 2019 $3999

BH148R 48" Grill Head - NOW $3999, FEB 2019 $5199

So you can see the huge price shifts we are about to see. And when you place them against the current offerings from Lynx, Viking, Alfresco and the DCS Series 9, the current prices must be taken advantage of!

The key point to take away is that you are not getting a de-featured grill if you go with the DCS Series 7. This grill shares many of the same attributes as the more expensive Series 9, leaving out the lights, cooking racks, and spring-assisted hood.

The burners, grates, infrared rotisserie and sizes are all the same. So I would (quickly) make a play for a Series 7 before the prices skyrocket.








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