2019 Kamado Joe Review: Perfect Prime Rib

Written by Appliance Dude on 01.18.19

Last year I made a 2-bone prime rib on my Memphis pellet grill. I smoked it for a few hours at a low, smoking temp - 250F, then I pulled it off, let it relax and then proceeded to put it back on Memphis at a higher temp in order to catch reverse sear. It came out great, but not otherworldly.

Fast forward to New Years Day 2019 and the prime rib is on the grill again, but completely different setup. Ditched the coffee rub and instead ran with olive oil, salt, pepper and Traeger's prime rib rub. I then placed the rib roast on my Kamado Joe rotisserie system aka "Joe-tisserie", and then, powered by the Fogo charcoal, the Joe's ceramic insulated walls and the spinning self-basting action of the rotisserie - prime rib perfection. See for yourself:


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