Alfresco Grill Review: Can You Sear on Normal Burners? Heck Yeah!

Written by Appliance Dude on 04.04.18

Alfresco Grill Review - Yes the Burners Can Sear!

I've fielded numerous questions this year regarding the normal Alfresco burners and their ability to sear. I can understand the line of questions, as I have spent a lot of time discussing the solid fuel insert as well as the Hellfire infrared sear burner.

I decided to put the normal burners on the Alfresco to the test by grilling up a thick prime porterhouse I bought from Vincent's of Arthur Ave. The seasoning was simple - kosher salt, olive oil, pepper and ripping hot grates on the Alfresco. I also hit the beef with a bit of cherry smoke from the herb infusion box on the Alfresco. Amazing!

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