Capital 60 Range Review - Orca Has Landed in Westchester County

Written by Appliance Dude on 11.18.16

Capital 60 Range Review



Moby Dick. 


I can keep on naming more leviathans or just get to the bottom line. 

You are staring at one massive. MASSIVE piece of steel. 

With a build more consistent with a M1A1 tank

With angry-hot burners (that can tame down to a gentle simmer). 

This, my friends, is a Capital 60" self clean gas range. 6 sealed burners. A griddle. A bbq (arguably the best in the business). 

A self cleaning oven with a glass infrared broiler, commercial grade rotisserie in the oven, and ez slide oven racks. 

This was one of my favorite sales of 2016. Lovely couple from Westchester County, with a deep interest/passion for cooking. They had done their home work and visited us with Capital in mind. And they certainly walked out with one. 

Interestingly the opted to forego the open burner Culinarian series and went with sealed burners. Cleanup was an issue for them. They also added the griddle and Capital's vaunted BBQ/grill top. 

Simply put, this is a beast (and btw, a gorgeous kitchen!)

Capital 60 range at Capital's Web Site

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