DCS Grill 2016 Review

Written by Appliance Dude on 10.18.16

2016 DCS Grills review focusing on models BH1-36-R and BH1-48-RN

Earlier this year DCS introduced a newly revamped series of outdoor product...for the 2nd consecutive year. That's mind-boggling because prior to the recent changes, they hadn't updated the grill line in 10-15 years.

I guess one way to look at it was why bother revamping "perfection"? I took a different view - I used to argue with my DCS rep that change was needed, that they could not rest on their laurels. Too many new brands were hitting the marketplace...and older brands were reinventing themselves.

So in 2015 DCS brought in a lot of change. A new smoker box. A new look to the front of the grill. A hybrid IR burner. A griddle accessory. The addition of deflector plates to the bottom of the firebox (to send more heat back to the grate).

I actually posted a video on my experience with the new grills. While I thoroughly enjoyed cooking on mine, I found the heat deflector shields made the grill waaaayyyyy too hot.

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