Written by Appliance Dude on 10.05.16

The annual "Grilltoberfest" sale is on so it's time to take advantage of some scintillating deals.

Are you looking for a 36" premium gas grill? Then the search ends here as we have very limited quantities of  DCS 36" gas grills which have been significantly discounted. Two in liquid propane, two in natural gas. that's all folks.

You can build these into your outdoor kitchen space or, after purchasing a DCS CAD136 cart, you can use them in a freestanding cart application.

These were the current DCS grills until they were replaced by the BH1 series in April 2016. What's the difference? Nothing really, save for the price!

The new DCS grills, such as the DCS BH1-36RN , have added a temperature gauge on the hood. In my opinion these are pretty useless, as the temp that is read is at the canopy level, not at the grate where your food is cooking.

They also used different valves with the new grill to slightly dial the temperature back.

Other than that, the grills are identical.

Same ceramic radiant rods

Same grease management system

Same lifetime warranty

Same all-sear surface capability

Save yourself $1200 and jump on one of these!

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