2018 DCS Grill Review - INSANE PRICE DROP - BH136RN

Written by Appliance Dude on 01.12.18

The DCS 36" Bh136R-N Grill Has Been Slashed In Price. Time to buy!

Senor Smoke Note: I've now made 2 videos about this DCS grill price drop. The short one is here, the Deep Dive is here.

I was stunned when my DCS rep visited earlier this month and broke the news to me that DCS had decided to significantly drop the prices on their flagship 36" and 48" grills (they also dropped on the 30" but who cares about a grill that small!)

It wasn't just a drop. It was a "price plummet".

It was a 25% slash that announced to the premium grill market that DCS was back in business and looking to grab market share they have lost to Lynx, Twin Eagles and to a lesser extent, Alfresco.

When I was told the news, I thought they had probably de-featured the 36" BH136 grill, removing the rotis, the smoker drawer, and maybe opted to downgrade the stainless steel.


My rep was very clear. No changes. Same grill. Same steel. Same burner output. Just a lot less $$.

Series 9 DCS Grill

Quick comparison - the Alfresco 36" grill and Lynx 36" grill heads are around $4600-$4700. The new pricing on the DCS is $2999. Are you kidding me?!

It's time to stop reading and start buying people. Call us at 1--800-966-2878 to order today. We ship FREE nationwide. 

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