DCS Series 9 Grill Review: The Racks

Written by Appliance Dude on 08.01.18

We finally installed our mammoth DCS Series 9 outdoor kitchen display the other week. This is the second time I have been exposed to the grill since I had an opportunity to play around with one in the late winter pre-release.

The one from the winter was a 36", the one we have on display now is a 48" DCS Series 9 grill and it is a beauty. I've started a series of deep dive posts on Series 9 and elected to lead off with a focus on the genius racking system that they have created on the back of the grill area near the IR rotis burner. This is generally no-mans land other than the rotis burner (which many don't use) or it will house a warming rack. DCS has attacked this space with creativity and the end result is amazing. See more below:



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