Hestan Grills Arriving at Curto's in June

Written by Appliance Dude on 05.24.16

Happy to announce that we have signed on to be the first Hestan grill dealer in Manhattan and Westchester County. 

First grill should arrive in our showroom the first week of June. 

Why is this big news?

If the grills are what they are cracked up to be, I think Hestan is going to seriously disrupt the premium grill market. 

The grill has won various awards including the prestigious Vesta award from the HBPA Expo earlier this year. That's the equivalent of an Oscar for Best Picture. 

All reports that I have received are that the grill is built like a kiln and the feature set that it offers is unparalleled. The Trellis burners, the stadium lighting, Marine grade stainless steel which will minimize rust-outs and oxidization from salt water, the infrared burner that is brilliantly placed ABOVE the rotisserie so it can act as a salamander, the color options...the list goes on and on. And here's what I like the most - the grill was designed by engineers (12 from what I've been told) with the input of culinary sages like Thomas Keller, and it will have it's compelling narrative relayed to consumers by a crack marketing team. 

So essentially they are bringing it all to the table. A killer designed product and the ability to market it. 

Most of the other high end brands out there have one or the other or none. 

And yes, the Appliance Dude will be cooking on it and blogging away. Going to have a lot of fun reporting on my findings. 

Hestan, welcome aboard. 

HESTAN best gas grill award

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