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Written by Appliance Dude on 07.27.17

Jenn-Air Appliance Review

I was recently working with an architect who had brought clients to the Curto's showroom in Westchester County. He told me that the client had narrowed the choice for the kitchen appliance package between JennAir and another brand who I will not name here. Let's just say they are a leader in the premium appliance category. Here are the package details:

  • 36" French Door Refrigerator
  • 24" Dishwasher
  • 36" Gas Range
  • 24"  Microwave
  • 36" Wall hood
  • 30" Single wall oven

After cranking out the numbers and applying the JennAir Compliments rebate program which deducted $3300 from the package, we had a difference of at least $8000 between the two deals!

And note I write AT LEAST, because JennAir has another rebate (mail-in) which can take off up to another $800 off the package.

I was stunned at the price spread and the architect was as well. This isn't like we were comparing a premium brand to Frigidaire Gallery. JennAir is legitimately in the high end space with their pro ranges and built in refrigerators.

Their wall ovens are some of the most technically advanced in the industry and also allow for the flush install that so many people are opting for now. And the dishwashers are arguably one of the best in North America as they are built on the same platform as the venerable KitchenAid dishwasher yet it offers more features and a better warranty.

So let me repeat that again.

$8000 difference?

Yes. You read that correctly.

So if you are flipping homes in the high end space,  you need to consider JennAIr as a solution as they offer all of the pro product you may desire for your project. And what if you are not stretching for the uber premium customer?

Say you are looking for a simple 4 piece package - refrigerator, range or walloven/cooktop, dishwasher and micro or hood? Jenn-Air has that covered as well as we have written these types of packages that when you apply the Compliments package to (usually a $1300 rebate + the mail-in install rebate which averages around $300-$400) you are then in the price category of Electrolux, KitchenAId, Bosch and GE Cafe...yet you are still getting premium product!

Visit the Curto's showroom in Westchester County to see and learn about Jenn-Air product and how it can potentially fit into your flip project or your actual home.

Jenn-Air kitchen appliances

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