Lynx Grill Review: The All-Sear Lynx L42ASR

Written by Appliance Dude on 04.09.18

Lynx Grills are considered to be the Mercedes-Benz of premium gas grills. And just as Mercedes has their flagship S-class series, Lynx offers their ASR grills, or, all-sear models from their Professional series of grills.

Before I was informed about Lynx, the thought of an all-sear grill was nonsensical to me. Why would anyone want a grill that only used burners known for producing massive amounts of unrelenting heat, meant to sear and caramelize? Cooking in a more deliberate, mellow fashion was not the style for sear burners.

And then came the Lynx ASR series of grills. 

All-seat lynx
The Lynx all infrared grills are completely different from other sear burners. Using their trademarked Trident burners, the Lynx all sear grill can cook as low as 200F or push the heat to over 1000F on just one burner. The all-sear Lynx grill is also unique because of the way it handles flareups. Because of the intense heat produced by the burner, any drippings that would normally combust into a flareup are now incinerated and disappear as a puff of smoke. Aside from the protection against sustained flareups, the Lynx all sear burners are also incredibly easy to clean - you essentially don't need to do anything bc of their ability clean themselves. As Lynx states in their use and care manual:

It’s easy to keep your ProSear™ 2 burners operating at peak performance. Just run them on “HI” with the hood open for 5 minutes after each use to burn away any food particles or drippings. Every 3 to 6 months, remove the burners and inspect the venturi (inlet) and orifice to ensure that they’re free of obstructions. Food debris on the inside of the burners can be gently shaken out. Do not touch the ceramic surfaces. Clean any obstruction with a straight paper clip.


The ability for the Lynx all sear grills to run from 200F to over 1000F sets them apart from all other grills. There is simply no other infrared burner that can provide that temperature spread and still deliver heat in a sustained and efficient fashion, while holding up to the rigors of outdoor cooking. It is no wonder that some of the more advanced and demanding grillers I know swear by the Lynx all-sear grills and would never substitute another gas premium grill for one.

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