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My Favorite Outdoor Refrigerator...For the Money [Review]

Written by Appliance Dude on 01.01.18

Outdoor Refrigerator Review 2018

Whenever we are putting together an outdoor kitchen, the refrigerator choice always seems to be a pivot point for customers.

With prices ranging from $1099 (Blaze) to over $3500 for a Perlick , there are many different roads to travel down in terms of refrigeration choice.

First fundamental question is do you really need one? Maybe you are so close to the indoor kitchen that you can leverage your normal refrigerator for outdoor purposes.

If you've opted to buy the outdoor fridge, you need one that is either UL approved or CSA certified for outdoor use. These are testing certifications that mandate how the refrigerator will hold up in adverse weather conditions and will also stipulate the electrical requirements to withstand outdoor use.

You also want a fridge that does not need to be pulled inside over the winter. Here's an article on how to winterize your outdoor refrigerator without pulling it inside to a warmer environment.

So with price points all over the place on these certified fridges, where do I lean? I like the Marvel MOS24RAS1RS which comes in at $1899.

Here are its best attributes:

  • American made
  • The manufacturer, Marvel, only makes refrigeration. I like companies who have a core competency and focus on it. You won't see them producing dishwashers or stoves.
  • Stainless steel wrapped exterior so it can be freestanding or built in
  • Stainless shelves
  • A lock (very important if you have kids and they are, or are approaching teen years!)
  • Large capacity at 5.3 cu ft which fits 154 cans

Marvel also has a "step-up" model, the MO24RAS2 which is about $500 more expensive. You are picking up storage on the door and a plastic bin on the bottom rack. I don't see anyone moving to this model. Not only is it more expensive, it has less capacity because of the door storage which impacts the interior of the fridge.

You can also see the MO24RAS used under other labels - it's Viking's 24" outdoor fridge as well as the Lynx 24" outdoor fridge. And both of those are more expensive than the Marvel!

So maximize your $$ spend with a best of breed model that should last for years with proper care. And you won't need to drag it inside each winter.

For more information on Marvel outdoor refrigeration call us at 1-800-966-2878 or email me.


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