New Alfresco ALXE Grills Are Released

Written by Appliance Dude on 07.31.15

Happy to announce that the new Alfresco ALXE grills are out!

We are waiting for our first piece which should hit the Curto's showroom in about 2 weeks.

We are incredibly excited about these grills and it seems like the media has jumped on as well, as Alfresco co-founder Dale Seiden was recently interviewed in the Wall Street Journal about the fervor building for built-in high end grills and about Alfresco grills in particular.

The difference you will see with Alfresco is a concept they practice called "design integrity". They are not working on getting a product out the door as quickly as possible to meet market demand. If anything, Alfresco takes an inordinate amount of time in the planning, engineering and testing of new product. Design integrity is defined as follows:

Design integrity is achieved when all of the compositional elements of your work merge toward communicating a consistent message.

The message Alfresco is communicating is one of safety, care, pride, expertise, skill and the desire to exceed heightened consumer expectations. Translation - if you are going to invest in our product, our promise is that it will be everything you expect...AND MORE.

When you see the lines and contours of the ALXE series as well as the welding, soldering and craftsmanship and the unique feature sets that cannot be found in other high end grills, you will understand why we are so happy to represent their product in the marketplace.

Please call us at 1-800-966-2878 or email me at and we will advise as to when the first ALXE product has arrived at the showroom.

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