New BlueStar RCS Range - Review

Written by Appliance Dude on 10.04.16

My Blue Star sales rep visited the other week and presented me with a compelling new product - a Blue Star RCS series range with sealed burners YET offering powerful burners over 20K BTUs.

This, my friends, is very interesting.

Let's look at the line Blue Star offers three series of ranges.

  • RCS - Good
  • RNB - Better
  • Platinum - Best

As you can see above, the RCS is the entry point of the Blue Star lineup. Traditionally it's been a scaled down version of the RNB series - open burners, yet lower powered (15K-18k BTUS). Also RCS ranges are typically not available in colors except during brief promotion periods.

They eventually offered a sealed burner RCS range which always puzzled me. Why would anyone want a sealed burner range, at a relatively lower BTU output, from a company whose heritage is tied to the open burner architecture?

Never made much sense to me, so we predominantly sold RCS open burners for folks who were ok with the sub-20K btu outfput. Lower BTUs + lack of color options =  gentler on the wallet.

But now Blue Star is upending things. Here comes both a 30" and 36" RCS, in sealed burners, BUT with a BTU output over 20k (21K to be exact). Aside from the vaunted Viking 7 Series (which is really a hybrid sealed burner) I can't think of any sealed burner gas ranges that deliver that level of oomph.

So for those that are looking for sealed burners (easier clean up, right?) now you have a hell of a range that also brings the power.

And check out the price points:

  • 30" RCS range - $3499
  • 36" RCS range - $3999

Home Run!




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