New Speed Queen Washers in 2018

Written by Appliance Dude on 12.17.17

New 2018 Speed Queen Washer Review
There will be new Speed Queen washers in 2018. The line is getting revamped from top to bottom, and for those of us in the business, the news was a bit unsettling at first.

One of the main selling points of the Speed Queen washer is that nothing really changed over the decades. The machine was still almost the same product sold to consumers for years and shared many similarities with its brethren in the commercial laundromat space (where Speed Queen has a major share).

So would the change of the residential Speed Queen product upset the proverbial apple cart and send us scrambling to find another robustly-built machine that could stand the wear and tear of frequent home use for year after year without blinking? 

Happy to report that the new product will actually be an improvement from the current Speed Queen offerings. Here are the major changes:

The AWN432 Top Load Washer Goes Away. . .

Yes, the venerable AWN432 washer is gone. This machine was incredibly popular bc it was so stripped down and avoided tons of extraneous moving pieces and electronics. It used a mechanical-controlled knob system, featured a stainless wash tub and an agitator. Warranty was an industry-best 3 years.

. . . And is Replaced by the TR3000WN and TR5000WN

The new models, the TR3000WN and the TR5000WN still offer a knob-based control panel but instead of being mechanically driven, they will be electronic behind the board. Does this make much of a difference? One can argue that it may hold up better than the mechanical system. The TR3000WN is the most similar to the old AWN432. It offers:

  • 4 load size selections
  • 3 water temp settings
  • 4 pre-programmed cycles
  • 3.2 cu ft tub capacity
  • 3-year full warranty

For a small price increase you can step to the new TR5000 model. This model offers:

  • 4 water temp selections
  • 4 load size selections
  • 6 pre-programmed cycles
  • 3.2 cu ft capacity
  • 5 year warranty

And the New Top of the Line Washer is....

the TR7000WN, a show stopper in the top load washer class. It maintains the same capacity, amount (4) of water temp and load setting as the TR5000. You also pick up:

4 soil level selections

8 pre programmed cycles

8 special cycles

Ability to save up to 9 Favorite cycles

7 year warranty!

Yes you read that correctly. Speed Queen is offering a 7-yer comprehensive warranty which will take care of parts and labor. This is an unheard of duration for a warranty in the appliance business and stems from Speed Queen's unbending confidence that they make the best laundry  products.

The Speed Queen Way - Why They Are Better

Speed Queen washers are all built in Ripon, Wisconsin. Having the entire process, from planning, engineering and manufacturing done under one proverbial tent, allows greater control over the process. When manufacturers spread these processes out over multiple plants or even different countries, it creates a scenario where there is less control which could ultimately lead to production issues.

The core selling point of Speed Queen is that they are designed for commercial use and use the same commercial components whether the end-user is a residential or commercial application. Speed Queen tests the machines for up to 10,400 cycles which equates up to 25 years of average use in a home. Not only are they durable and come with the best warranty in the industry (3 - 5 - 7 years depending on the product), they also do an amazing job of taking care of clothes. The washers use an auto-fill system that guarantees every load will use enough water for an effective and deep wash. And there's no worry that the agitator will abuse your clothes because the tub and agitator work together to foster a gentle wash action that moves the maximum amount of water through the clothes. This emphasizes fabric care and thorough cleaning.

Now Let's Break Down the Various Parts of the New Speed Queen Washer Series

  • the electronic touch pad on the TR7000WN has been designed for commercial use and tested to handle one million pushes.
  • the paint job is a durable 3-coat finish which is geared to resist years of abuse in a coin laundromat
  • the outer tub is porcelain coated and design for use in a coin laundry machine. it won't chip crack or corrode and holds up better and lasts longer than plastic
  • the outer tub is set on a solid mount suspension system featuring a full steel base with heavy gauge commercial springs. This provides even balance, less vibration and less noise. Very important for second floor installations
  • the electronic controls are commercial grade and are tested for 10,400 cycles which is around 25 years of average home use
  • the agitator runs on a 1 horsepower motor test as commercial-grade
  • the agitator also uses a heavy duty all-metal pulley and drive system which will hold up for years.
  • the agitator is full sized and assists in moving water through the clothes to enable a gentler wash
  • the stainless inner tub is 200 series grade stainless which provides better corrosion and wear resistance than 400 series stainless (favored by most competitors)

So as you can see, the new Speed Queen washers are LOADED with features which not only allow them to continue the Speed Queen tradition of best in class products, but one can argue that they have surpassed the older units in terms of quality and features.

The most important point will be for consumers to move past the desire for a mechanically-controlled knob and open up to a knob system with electronics behind it. Considering the warranty period, you have nothing to concern yourself with!

If you are interested in learning more about Speed Queen washers, please call our showroom at 914-793-5600 or visit us in Yonkers.  We will be carrying the TR3000WN , the TR5000WN and the TR7000WN.

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