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Outdoor Refrigerator Review: Why We Love the U-Line 1224RSOD-00B

Written by Appliance Dude on 01.25.18

If you are looking for a premium outdoor refrigerator, built in the USA, but don't want to spend over $3000 for a Perlick or Alfresco, steer your attention to the U-line 1224RSOD-00B
This 24" outdoor refrigerator is laden with features that would typically be found in a fridge costing $1000 more. 
The 1224RSOD00B offers: 
  • Volume of 5.2 cu ft holds up to 123 bottles (12 oz) or 185 cans (12 oz)
  • Temperature range: 34°F - 45°F
  • Passive cooling system


  • White interior is illuminated with LED lighting
  • Three removable tempered glass shelves  are better at consistently holding temperatures
  • Full stainless steel cabinet and door are deemed suitable for outdoor use by UL
  • Door swing is field reversible
  • Door lock model available
The fridge retails for $2099, but with the help of a $200 mail-in rebate (available as we write this in Jan of 2018) the net price is lowered to $1899 which is line with the Marvel M024RAS1RS outdoor fridge, it's chief competitor. 

Purchasing a product of this quality at this price point is a very solid move - the lower priced outdoor fridges in the $1099-$1299 strata are all made overseas and do not offer the temperature intelligence, robust USA build and full UL-approval that the U-line 1224RSOD does. 

You can also get a lock on the door, field reverse the hinge if need be and because it is build to withstand the elements you won't need to store it inside during the harsh off-season months. 

If you have more questions about outdoor refrigerators please contact us at 914-793-5600. 


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