Viking Appliance Package for Less Than $7999

Written by Appliance Dude on 12.29.17

Today I had the pleasure of working with a new homeowner in Westchester County who decided to buy a Viking appliance package. When I asked him why he decided to go with Viking he told me that he wanted to go with the brand that he figured was the best in terms of quality and reputation. When he initially looked at a Viking range he saw a price point over $10,000 (likely a 7 series dual fuel range) and immediately wrote it off. However after additional research he realized that Viking had tamer price points and when combined with some of their new promotions, an entire kitchen could be had for less than $10k.

We ended up working the following package:

  • Viking 30" gas range - VGIC53014BSS - $3999
  • Viking 36" Counter depth fridge - RVRF336SS - $3249
  • Viking 24" DIshwasher - VDW302SS - FREE
  • Viking 30" Microwave/Hood - RVMH330SS $754

That package comes in at $8002.

You could also substitute the micro hood for something less expensive from GE and that would take you down below $7800 for the package.

The beautiful aspect of this package is that you are not sacrificing product quality to come in at this price point. While the 30" gas range - VGIC53014BSS - is somewhat de-featured compared to it's 5-series brother the VGR5304BSS, it still delivers the quality that one would expect from their Professional series of ranges.


  • Oven capacity (4.0) is the sam
  • The stove is built on the same chassis as the 5-series
  • They use the same infrared broiler
  • Both offer a convection oven
  • Burner output is the same except for the front left burner on the VGR5304 is 18.5K BTU's
  • The VGR5304 sealed burner offers 2 slide out racks
  • The VGR5304 offers lights above the knobs
  • The VGR5304 offers a soft close oven door

As you can see, there are differences but the VGR5304 is going to command $4699 in price while the VGIC53014BSS is going to come in at $3999.

If you have any questions about these Viking appliance packages please call the showroom at 1-800-966-2878 or email me with your questions.

The VGR5304 - $4699

The VGIC53014 - $3999

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