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April, 18 2018

Lynx Grill Review – Sedona vs. Professional

For years Lynx has been considered the Sub-Zero of grills. High-end. High quality. High price points. While other companies have tried to break down the door and knock Lynx off their perch (Wolf) or h[...] Read More

April, 18 2018

2018 Lynx Grill Guide

We have put together a Lynx Grill guide for all of those who are considering purchasing a Lynx grill or outdoor kitchen. Read More

April, 09 2018

Lynx Grill Review: The All-Sear Lynx L42ASR

Lynx Grills are considered to be the Mercedes-Benz of premium gas grills. And just as Mercedes has their flagship S-class series, Lynx offers their ASR grills, or, all-sear models from their Professio[...] Read More

April, 06 2018

2018 Lynx Grills Review: New Ceramic Burners

Lynx Grills has never been a company that has shied away from innovation. Actually, I would argue that they are the most innovative gas grill company in the premium space.  A we enter the 2018 grill s[...] Read More