Review - Traeger Grill Test Results

Written by Appliance Dude on 10.06.16

Fact: The Traeger Pro series 34 is one hell of a grill. Here's why...

I am a Traeger convert.

Find me a grill that cooks like this, at this price point ($799 for the Pro 22, $999 for the Pro 34).

Can't be done folks.

Any questions I may have had re: Traeger (which were the result of me being spoiled silly as a Memphis Grill owner) were put to rest after we started cooking on our Traeger Pro 34 TFB88PZB. Look at these results...

First up, a Tri Tip Steak, The pride and joy of Santa Maria, California, but us Yankees can smoke a tri-tip justice with the right tool...a Traeger!

Second, we have the boring London Broil. Usually tough, not very flavorful due to low marbelization. However after being "Traegerized", this cut has been transformed!

Traeger Pro Series grills are simply incredible values. Whether you are a seasoned Texas pit master who needs a simple pit for his house, or a novice just starting their smoking journey, the Traeger delivers the goods.

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