Traeger Timberline Grill Review: The FAQ

Written by Appliance Dude on 05.15.17

Traeger Timberline FAQ:

What is the Super Smoke Setting?

Super smoke increases the amount of smoke released when grill temp is set between 165F and 225F.

How hot will the Timberline get?


What is the keep warm setting?

Sets grill to 165F to keep food warm

How long does the grill take to reach 500 degrees?

There are a variety of factors involved including ambient air temperature, but if the grill is set to 500F and the lid is left closed, it should take 15 minutes on an 80 degree sunny day, 30 minutes on a 0F degree day with no sunshine.

How often do I need to clean the ash out of the grill?

After every 20 hours of cooking. This ensures that the hotrod is not covered with ash and will provide the best cooking experience. If you do not clean it out, you will see excessive smoke from the pellet hopper, flameouts and repeated failures to ignite. 

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