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2020 DCS Grill Review: Price Drop!

Written by Senor Smoke on 01.23.20

If you take a ride through the Ring of Fire YouTube channel you will notice many DCS grill videos. I've had more experience cooking on a DCS grill than any other this side of Alfresco. DCS was also our first high end grill that we embraced years ago. So the brand was one that we fully immersed ourselves in company-wide.  


So you can imagine my glee when I found out that DCS was changing pricing in 2020, slightly raising the 9 Series grills BUT lowering the traditional 7 series grills by $500. This price drop makes the DCS Series 7 grill the greatest value in the high end grill category

DCS 7 Series Grill Price Drop

This price cut takes the DCS 7 Series grills to a price point that makes them comparable to Blaze Pro, Lynx Sedona, Aspire by Hestan and Artisan. These are all value-oriented grills produced by high-end manufacturers. The reason they are lower in price is that they are de-featured compared to their more expensive siblings. Some of the differences include weaker burners, different grades of stainless, thinner grates, lower-powered rotisserie systems or different hood hinges. You can also "feel" a difference in the grills as the more expensive ones tend to be heavier and offer a more solid feel. The gulf between the premium grills and their value-oriented brethren is to be expected - otherwise they would see the premium offerings abandoned due to price. 

DCS Series 7 Grills are Nearly Equal to Series 9

However this is not the case with DCS. Aside from the lights, I challenge anyone to prove that there is a massive difference between the 9 and 7 series. And with that knowledge in place, taking advantage of the recent price drop is not a sacrifice in value or features.  Let me list the shared traits between the DCS 7 Series and 9 Series. 

Identical Features in the DCS Series 7 and Series 9 Grills

- Firebox 

- Burners

- Stainless grade (304)

- Ceramic rods

- Rotisserie Spit and Motor

- Grease Management System... 

...and more

Since both grills are extremely close if not nearly identical (buy the Series 9 if you want a better lighting scheme as well as the ability to use racks and trays on the back wall of the grilling area) then I say turn your attention to the DCS Series 7 grill.

This is not the first time that DCS dropped the prices on Series 7: 

However while the above price drop in early 2018 was temporary, the 2020 drop is the established new pricing and does not have an expiration date as it did in 2018. 

What to Do Next

My advice is to watch a bunch of my DCS grill videos on our YouTube channel and check out my full DCS Grill Review. Then visit a local store to do the touch / feel test. If you are in the NY Metro area I invite you to come to Ring of Fire and check out the largest DCS outdoor display in the region...come with your questions!