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April, 10 2020

Outdoor Kitchen Ideas: Alfresco Grill Review

We recently completed an outdoor kitchen project in Pelham Manor, NY that featured not just one but two grills. I thought this would be an interesting outdoor island to analyze as the design was very [...] Read More

January, 23 2020

2020 DCS Grill Review: Price Drop!

If you take a ride through the Ring of Fire YouTube channel you will notice many DCS grill videos. I've had more experience cooking on a DCS grill than any other this side of Alfresco. DCS was also ou[...] Read More

January, 21 2020

Outdoor Kitchen Trends for 2020

Gone are the days where an outdoor kitchen would consist of just a grill, side burner and possibly a refrigerator. Customers are now requesting larger outdoor kitchens and placing more components in t[...] Read More

January, 21 2020

5 Best Sources for Outdoor Kitchen Ideas

Your Outdoor Kitchen Plan Starts Here When I meet with homeowners about their prospective outdoor kitchen project, the start of the process is usually wrought with confusion. Many do not know whom to [...] Read More

January, 17 2020

Outdoor Kitchen Rules: Remember to Vent!

When you are developing your outdoor kitchen ideas, certain components are far more interesting to deliberate over. Deciding on a grill, a smoker, kegerator, a countertop or a power burner are grist f[...] Read More

January, 06 2020

Kamado Joe Tips: The Joetisserie

One of the best, if not the best, accessory for the Kamado Joe grill is their rotisserie system, dubbed the "Joetisserie". This device allows you to turn your Kamado Joe into a fully functional rotiss[...] Read More

January, 04 2020

Kamado Joe Tips: 4 Ways to Elevate Your Grilling!

I have owned a Kamado Joe for 5 years, and it's still my favorite grill to cook on. Read More

December, 07 2019

Outdoor Kitchen Ideas: Armonk Outdoor Kitchen

Here we have one of my favorite outdoor kitchens I've ever worked on. Read More

November, 17 2019

Outdoor Kitchen Ideas - Alfresco Outdoor Kitchen Review

This outdoor kitchen is in Briarcliff Manor, NY and is an example of a turnkey project delivered by Ring of Fire. The customer came to us with no idea of what he wanted, let alone how to get the proje[...] Read More

November, 06 2019

Traeger Timberline 850 Review: My Best Brisket Ever

Last week I posted about a brisket cook I undertook which was an unmitigated disaster. In hindsight I had too many factors working against me, most noticeably the fact that my Timberline 850 experienc[...] Read More