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Danver Outdoor Kitchen Ideas: Bridgehampton NY

Written by Senor Smoke on 11.24.23

I was recently sent this photo by one of my customers who purchased an outdoor kitchen for their beach house in Bridgehampton NY. Moving from left to right they are using a Big Green Egg, Alfresco AXESB side burner, Alfresco 42" grill, a U-line 24" outdoor refrigerator and a Summit outdoor rated icemaker. 

danver hamptons

He used Danver cabinetry with a Dekton countertop. The Danver system is composed of 5 main modules along with support pieces and a side wall and back wall. It is a beautiful setup, and affords the homeowner the flexibility to maneuver between standard grilling on the Alfresco (this model has the embedded sear zone, more on that in a second) as well as the versatility of the ceramic cooker which he will mostly use for smoking. The sideburner is there for smaller cooking vessels and to offload some traffic from the main grill. 

I Would Not Buy an Alfresco Grill With a Sear Burner 

 One thing I would have done differently is purchase the Alfresco grill without the sear burner. I've recorded a few videos about the Alfresco grill sear burner and how it's an unnecessary addition to the grill because the normal burners (rated at 28.5k BTU's) are hot enough to sear with the dedicated real estate of an infrared burner. Watch the below video and you will see Alfresco's burners easily handle a thick porterhouse and provide with a beautiful, rich crust. 


The only other selection that I questioned was the inclusion of the U-line refrigerator. There are more reliable outdoor refrigerators, built in the USA, that I would have gone with. Here are two examples: 

The Marvel MORE124SS31A outdoor refrigerator  - this refrigerator is built in Michigan, is a staple of outdoor kitchens across the country and they also provide factory service which is very reliable. 

A budget-oriented option (they did use a Summit icemaker which has a tame price tag compared to other outdoor icemakers) would be the Zephyr PRB24C01ASOD outdoor refrigerator  which has a very reasonable price, offers a lock as well as a pull-out shelf for wine. 

If you have any questions about these products please email us at questions@rofgrills.com or fill out the below form. 




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