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Happy Customer Alert: DCS Series 9 48" Grill

Written by Senor Smoke on 11.25.23

A Happy Customer Receives an Early Christmas Present

It took a few months of debate, wavering between brands and eventual convincing of the boss, but a DCS 48" BE148RCN on cart has finally arrived at a happy customer's house. Just in time to take Holiday cooking outdoors!  Now as our customer breaks in his new toy, let's dive into some of the details on DCS carted grills. 

DCS Grills Have Large Shelves

You will notice DCS grills, both the Series 7 and Series 9, have massively large side shelves . They are 24" wide and do NOT come with the grill. The wood inserts are also additional. Because of the width of the shelves it is very rare that we sell a DCS grill with 2 shelves, especially on a 48" grill. Most customers feel that one shelf is fine or are constricted by space. 

dcs 1


DCS Grill Carts Are Expensive

 Most premium grills give you an option of purchasing as a head for built-in islands, or, on a freestanding cart. DCS takes a different approach and sells the two separately. We have always thought this wasn't an ideal approach, which was compounded by the issue that the grill or cart don't come with side shelves. So if you need a carted model you need to: 

  • Buy the grill
  • Buy the cart 
  • Buy the side shelf(s) 

It also doesn't help matters that the DCS cart is very expensive. 

The 36" version is $2499.  

The 48" cart (pictured above) is $2899.       

Why are they so expensive? The simplest reason is that the carts offer a drawer system instead of just having access doors. The carts are high quality and useful and do offer interesting features like the ability to use one of the drawers as an ice compartment, but DCS should offer a lower priced version that would have just doors.  

Here is a Picture of the DCS 48" Grill With Lid Open. It's a Showstopper.  

dcs 3

Take a look at the inside of the grill and you will clearly see some of the upgrades that DCS has built into the Series 9. Under the hood there are two lights which illuminate the cooking surface. In the back of the grill you can see the multiple levels of additional cooking surfaces including a saute pan and other racks directly above the rotisserie burner.  On the left side, at the grate level you can see an inclined grate above the charcoal insert. The Series 9 allows for using the grates in a sloped or flat fashion. The slope is part of their grease management system which allows for run-off of fats to the grease tray. 

Final Thoughts 

  • I love most of the upgrades on the 9 series...
  • ...except the borderline useless charcoal tray
  • DCS should offer a version with doors for lower-priced alternative 
  • DCS should package shelves or shelf with cart 
  • The bottom line is who cares what I think, the customer loves this grill! 

For any questions on DCS or any other grill brand please email us at questions@rofgrills.com or call us 914-361-1837. 

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