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5 Best Sources for Outdoor Kitchen Ideas

Written by Senor Smoke on 01.21.20

Your Outdoor Kitchen Plan Starts Here

When I meet with homeowners about their prospective outdoor kitchen project, the start of the process is usually wrought with confusion. Many do not know whom to use for the build out, who should design it, what design to use, what components, countertop, etc etc. 

bedfrod kitchen 2Where do Outdoor Kitchen Ideas Come From?

For many, they have a fundamental question of where to get outdoor kitchen ideas or inspiration from. They may have seen an outdoor kitchen island at a friend or family members home. Or perhaps the creation of an outdoor space has been a long unfulfilled point on the bucket list of their current home. But the process is not as straightforward as renovating your indoor kitchen. For the indoor kitchen you can simply go to a kitchen cabinet store where they will have samples and likely a gallery of work they have completed. Since the outdoor kitchen plan/purchase process is so different than indoor kitchens, it leans more heavily on online planning and research. 

5 of My Favorite Sources for Outdoor Kitchen Ideas

After immersing myself for years in the study and planning of outdoor kitchens, I have come up with a short list of good sources to cultivate outdoor kitchen ideas and plans. They include: 

1. Houzz Outdoor Kitchens - this website is known for its huge collection of indoor decor but you will find projects from landscape designers and some contractors who primarily work outdoors. 

2. Google Image Search - when in doubt, Google it. I've found a fantastic trove of outdoor kitchen images on Google. And the narrower your search query, the more likely you will find what you are looking for. 

3. Sunset Magazine - these magazines are typically found at Home Depot and other home improvement chains. Some of the material is dated but you will unquestionably get a thorough nuts and bolts education on how to plan an outdoor kitchen. 

4. Pinterest and Instagram - use #outdoorkitchens, #outdoorkitchenideas #patiodecor and other related tags and prepare yourself for an avalanche of outdoor kitchen ideas. 

5. Ring of Fire Gallery - of course I had to give a promo pop to our gallery. We have many  outdoor kitchens in all sizes, shapes, materials and budgets...and loads more being posted to the site. We also show a bunch on our Instagram feed @curtosringoffire


As you can see, you'll be spending a significant amount of time online as you plan your outdoor kitchen project. But ultimately you will need to partner with a trusted professional whose business is focused on outdoor. Make sure the professional or company you work with is deeply versed in outdoor living and is not a jack of all trades selling dishwashers, mattresses, electronics and a grill here or there. 

If you have any question about how to start your outdoor kitchen project, please contact us at Ring of Fire via email or call us at 914-361-1837. 






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