Alfresco Artisan Grill Review: Outdoor Kitchen Pics

Written by Senor Smoke on 09.03.18

When constructing an outdoor kitchen with the Artisan 32" grill or Artisan 36" grill as the center point, we typically see customers placing them above the 32" Artisan door and drawer combo  - the ARTP-DDC. This storage system allows for both access to the inside of the island which is needed in able to get to various utilities. Yet it also offers the storage solution of three drawers so grilling utensils, gloves or even rubs or spices can be stored in there. Please note that the Artisan door/drawer combo only comes in a 32" wide size. Though most folks want to match up the grill and underneath solution so they line up symmetrically, if you look at the 36" Artisan grill over the 32" door drawer combo, you won't see a glaring difference between them. The pic below shows a 32" Artisan Grill over a 32" door / drawer combo. 

32" Artisan Grill

Wae also recently worked on an outdoor kitchen in Westchester County that included a 36" Artisan over a 32" ARTP-DDC drawer/door.

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