Alfresco 36" Grill Package

Written by Senor Smoke on 07.22.18

Are you planning an outdoor kitchen? 

I hope this guide can help inform your decision process. I have pulled together sales data from the last few years and come up with some of the more popular components to package together with an Alfresco grill, focusing on the popular 36" grill size as the lead piece. We will add some essential pieces to the core package with an estimated price, and then we will add some additional pieces for those who want to get more ambitious with the size of the planned outdoor kitchen island. 

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My Favorite Alfresco 36" Grill Outdoor Package

36" Grill - Alfresco ALXE36 

Access doors - Alfresco AXE36  

Insulated Jacket - Alfresco AIJ-36

Side burner - Alfresco AXESB-2 

Refrigerator - Alfresco URS-1XE 28" or Uline U-1224RSOD00B 24" 

15" Trash drawer - Alfresco AXE-TC 

Storage  drawer - Alfresco AXE3DR 30" triple drawer storage


Then if you wanted to take the Alfresco outdoor kitchen to another level I would do the following: 

- Swap the 14" side burner for the 24" Versa Power cooker AXEVP which can act as a larger burner, a wok, a griddle, teppanyaki and more. 

-  Swap out the 36" access doors for the 36" dry storage pantry and use one access door like an AXE23R for access to the gas lines

- Go with the larger trash center - AXETC2DSC - which will allow you to fit another bin for recyclables. The "SC" model offers a soft close door.