Primo Grill Review - Searing with the Griddle Plate

Written by Senor Smoke on 07.25.19


The Primo ceramic grill is one of the most versatile cooking systems available. Leveraging its myriad of accessories, I was able to sear, smoke, and fire-griddle a surf n' turf dinner we enjoyed last night. Results were astounding. More on the cook below...

Aside from its oval shape and made in American origin, the ceramic content on the Primo (which is a proprietary mixture made only for their grills) is a major differentiator between them and other ceramic cookers. The Primo ceramics provide better insulation, heat soak abilities and convective properties to ace your cooks, no matter if you are working in sweltering summer heat, the crisp days of Fall, or the coldest days of winter. 

Flame on with a Primo Grill!

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