First Review of the DCS Series 9 Grills 

Written by Senor Smoke on 04.04.18

The wait is over. 

The new DCS Series 9 grill is at Curto's and I was able to mess around with it yesterday and put some thoughts together on video. To my knowledge, it is the first online review of the new DCS Series 9 grill

From a "guts" standpoint, the Series 9 grill is not much different than the current BH1 or Evolution series grills. Chassis and firebox remain the same, as does the temp gauge, the rotisserie, the burners, the ceramic rods, the inverted grates and grease management system 

What has changed is:

- lights

- lighter hood

- inclusion of solid fuel box

- inclusion of new rack system on back wall of grill 


While I think the lights are a dramatic improvement, and a lighter hood is always a good thing (as long as it does not fly open in heavy winds as some spring assist hoods ware wont to do), I am most excited to use the solid fuel insert as well as the new multi-tier rack system, which is totally unique to DCS. I honestly think it's the best execution of an attempt to create more grill space that I have ever seen. 

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Here's the video with the granular breakdown. 



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