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September, 04 2018

2018 Primo Grill Review - Primo vs Kamado Joe

I am often asked if I had to choose one grill from all the ones in our portfolio, what would it be? Read More

September, 03 2018

Alfresco Artisan Grill Review: Outdoor Kitchen Pics

When constructing an outdoor kitchen with the Artisan 32" grill or Artisan 36" grill as the center point, we typically see customers placing them above the 32" Artisan door and drawer combo  - the ART[...] Read More

September, 02 2018

Alfresco Grill Review: Solid Fuel Insert Safety Tips

Through the past few years I have posted time and time again about the amazing virtues of the Alfresco SFI-POD, or, solid fuel insert.  Read More

September, 01 2018

2018 Artisan Grill Review: Best Value in High End?

I've noticed a big uptick in Artisan by Alfresco grill and outdoor kitchen business so I wanted to dedicate some time to it on the blog.  Read More

August, 01 2018

DCS Series 9 Grill Review: The Racks

We finally installed our mammoth DCS Series 9 outdoor kitchen display the other week. This is the second time I have been exposed to the grill since I had an opportunity to play around with one in the[...] Read More

July, 25 2018

Traeger Timberline Review: 3 Steps to Perfect Brisket

 Read More

July, 22 2018

Alfresco 36" Grill Package

Are you planning an outdoor kitchen?  Read More

July, 06 2018

Caliber Pro Kamado Review - Cooking With Steam

 Read More

May, 04 2018

Caliber Pro Kamado Review

Caliber Pro Kamado Grill Review: The Secret is Out! Read More

April, 18 2018

Lynx Grill Review – Sedona vs. Professional

For years Lynx has been considered the Sub-Zero of grills. High-end. High quality. High price points. While other companies have tried to break down the door and knock Lynx off their perch (Wolf) or h[...] Read More