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September, 18 2019

DCS Series 7 Grill Outdoor Kitchen - No Bull@)t Review!

  Editors Note: This post was written by Senor Smoke who has extensively used both the DCS Series 7 and Series 9 grills.    Read More

April, 01 2019

2 Simply Insane Grill Deals - Lynx and DCS

What better way to kick of grilling season (in the East) than locking in a deal on high end gas grill.  Read More

August, 01 2018

DCS Series 9 Grill Review: The Racks

We finally installed our mammoth DCS Series 9 outdoor kitchen display the other week. This is the second time I have been exposed to the grill since I had an opportunity to play around with one in the[...] Read More

March, 10 2018

First! New DCS Grill Pictures 2018

New DCS Grills are Here and Curto's Has the First Pics   After at least a decade, DCS has completely revamped their outdoor grills and they may have just set a new bar for the competition to meet.  Read More

March, 04 2018

2018 DCS Alfresco Grill Review: Don't Chase BTU's

Senor Smoke from Curto's Appliances & Grills breaks down the heat on the DCS and Alfresco grills. Read More

January, 17 2018

2018 DCS Grills Massive Price Drop - DEEP DIVE REVIEW

The Incredible DCS Grill Deal in 2018 Ok folks, Deep Dive here on the 2018 DCS Grill price drop. Or should I say price plummet. This is the best deal out there in terms of premium gas grills. Will be [...] Read More

January, 15 2018

2018 DCS Grill Review Video - QUICK RUNDOWN!

Massive DCS Grill Price Drop for 2018   Read More

January, 12 2018

2018 DCS Grill Review - INSANE PRICE DROP - BH136RN

The DCS 36" Bh136R-N Grill Has Been Slashed In Price. Time to buy! Read More

October, 18 2016

Curtos.com: DCS Grill 2016 Review

2016 DCS Grills review focusing on models BH1-36-R and BH1-48-RN Read More

October, 05 2016


The annual "Grilltoberfest" sale is on so it's time to take advantage of some scintillating deals. Read More